Coming Home: An Exciting 12 Week Web Course

with Leslie Hershberger

“This is truly the next major step in, and the future of, Christianity.”
- Ken Wilber

Have you noticed the excitement around Integral Christianity lately? Some impressive, free-thinking teachers are creating a stir as they revivify this tradition from the inside. We’ve spent the last year working closely with one of the leaders of this movement, Leslie Hershberger, to create Coming Home, a revolutionary new Integral Christian offering. This groundbreaking 12-week curriculum that takes a deep dive into what an Integral Christian practice could be. It’s the next, vital step towards embodying a 21st century Christianity: one that’s informed by the Integral vision, rooted in tradition, and fully embodied in transformative practice.

Please take a look at this video clip where Leslie and I talk about the deep need that compelled her to create this course. We also preview two themes the course explores: why individual perspectives are vitally important to this inquiry, and what “expanding your circle of care” means in this framework. It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to Leslie, and I know you’ll be touched by her inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, and warmth.

Want to learn more?
In the next segment of our interview with Leslie we explore the claim that Christianity experienced through an Integral perspective can actually hold our entire spiritual journey to date. For example, can it really be informed by eastern spiritual and yogic practices that have become a daily part of our lives? Finally, we preview the details of the Coming Home Christian practicum of teachings, meditation practices, journaling and community sharing that will help all of us take the next step in evolving our Christian way of being within ourselves and in the world.

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Some details about the course:

Coming Home: An Integral Christian Practicum is a 12-week web course designed to lead you through a Christian practice that includes everything you are now and everything you are becoming. This self-directed curriculum includes teachings by Leslie Hershberger, individual meditation practices, loads of ancillary readings, and videos and audios by some of the most noted progressive Christian teachers.

In the first half of the course, Leslie’s teachings will include: Four Perspectives of God, Re-imagining the Trinity, the Historical Jesus, Broadening Your Circle of Care, Exploring the Feminine Face of God, and Jesus in Contemporary Global Culture. The second half of the course will help you shape a new vessel for being Christian that reveals the kingdom of heaven within you now.

About Leslie Hershberger

“Standing on the edge of unknowing, open to grace
(except when I’m not).”

Leslie is a Christian Teacher and founder of Integral Women of Greater Cincinnati which facilitates women’s movement through midlife transition in all 4 quadrants.

Education: B.S. in Education, University of Cincinnati; Theology, Xavier University; Certificate Integral Theory, JFK University; Certified Teacher in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition.

“I found Ken’s work when I was in graduate school in theology. His post-metaphysical spiritual understanding was congruent with insights I was gaining through my study of contemplatives and mystics across the traditions. The Integral map (with its elegant inclusion of states and stages) helped me sort through my endless questions and for that, I am grateful to him. In August 2006, I attended Integral Contemplative Christianity with Fr. Thomas Keating, Brother David Steindl-Rast and Ken. The teaching gave me a template for translating Christian practice as it moves along the conveyor belt. I felt abundant gratitude to sit in the presence of wisdom teachers who embody compassion and openness with humor and grace. Perhaps what struck me most deeply is that the room was full of practitioners from various tradition and we all were able to cross doctrinal boundaries and practice Presence together.”